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If This is the Second Initial, Where Was the First?

The First Initial

A special greeting to all those who knew this weblog’s former life as D.T.P. by Lee—Daily Tales and Punditry. That blog was the “first initial.” But even that was something of a version 3.x of the domain. It went through two incarnations as Desktop Publishing by Lee prior to becoming a blog.

The Second Initial

At one time, I had a number of things planned for this domain, but the flagship effort of my PERSONAL WEBLOG is the only thing that ever really got off the ground. Being that this was the second major blogging effort I’d embarked upon, and that I am known by my second (middle) name, I came up with this name and URL, Second Initial.

The Third Initial?

Okay, the “Initial” thing is dead. In any case, all my web-based activity is now done over at From there, you’ll find what small bit of blogging I do these days and, perhaps more importantly, links to essentially all of my social media activity.

Photo Albums

This link previously took you to my home-hosted, Gallery-powered photo albums which, more or less, I ceased using in 2010. Everything was migrated to my Flickr stream and I have created a custom front end web site at for easier browsing. The old photo album link redirects to the new site.

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